The Nature Connection
Read what others have to say about Brian's workshops:
I had blast shooting in South Texas for the first time in my
life. I have enjoyed your company,hope we can meet again
soon. --
Richard Golush, Denver, CO
AWSOME! What a great time I had on the workshop. Brian is a great
teacher and host. He wants you to be successful and goes to great
means to make sure that you are.  I really liked the ranch and the
atmosphere of the hotel. Brian is a great, great host. And a fun fellow
to sit in a blind with.
--Greg Payne, Waldon, AR
"Give Brian 5 stars out of five. I participated in a workshop in south
Texas and captured many wonderful bird shots due primarily to the
excellent staging of props and lures set up by Brian. He placed them
close enough to the blinds so that you could easily photograph many bird
species with a mid-range telephoto. He was also a knowledgeable
resource for my photo questions about camera settings and provided
information on how to best capture the image. All of the lodging and
meal arrangements were made in advance. A great experience, highly
recommended. --
Phil Charlton, Austin, TX
I’m really glad I participated in Brian’s photo shoot at Laguna Seca
ranch. It was a great opportunity to get close to a variety of Texas
birds so I could produce images I couldn’t have gotten any other way.
Chuck Murphy, Athens, GA
Busy time at the raptor Blind!
Roadrunner with Prey!