Digital Photography for
Biologists & Nature Scientists
A Professional Workshop

Presented by Brian Loflin

2017 Date: By Request
enue: TBD
Austin, Texas

This intensive workshop is a specialized three-day training venue for the
biologist or other professional nature scientist. It is designed for the individual
seriously interested in improving their ability to skillfully produce faithful to life
images for publication and transitioning the documentation of their work in the
natural sciences into the world of digital imaging. As part of that process the
course is also designed so that individuals will become more comfortable in the
daily use of Adobe Photoshop or Photoshop Lightroom.

This course is not for beginners or those who are just learning photography. The
course is designed for digital SLR photographers who want to advance their
skills in a highly productive manner. This is also not a Photoshop course.
However, attendees will learn essential “digital darkroom” techniques required to
maximize the potential of digital imaging and in preparation of their images for

To receive full benefit of the workshop, attendees will need an SLR digital
camera and at least a macro lens and a dedicated flash. They should be
competent with the operation of their camera, lenses and accessories.

Attendees are encouraged to bring a laptop computer with an installed advance
copy of Photoshop or Photoshop Lightroom. All teaching and examples will be
demonstrated in Photoshop C
C or Lightroom CC. Attendees need not be
advanced Photoshop users, but must be comfortable with the operation of their
computer and basic computer skills such as creating folders and moving files.
Additional equipment or software need not be purchased for this course. This
curriculum may provide additional insight for personal purchase decisions.

The course will consist of
  •  Lectures with copious visual examples,
  •  Studio or lab photography practical sessions with live
     or prepared materials and
  •  Hands-on field photography sessions with
     two instructors.
  •  Digital darkroom training and practice sessions
  •  Lunch for all participants each day.

All participants will produce work closely similar to that found working as a
professional in the natural sciences. All student work will be uploaded to
computers and “finished” throughout the sessions by each student. Students will
finish each image in Photoshop and present their work as a complete production
package for critique at the close of the session.

Each registered attendee will receive:
  •  A complete 100-page workbook with all tables,
      formulas and documentation of each lesson and all
      techniques, sources and resources,
  •  Digital Photography Text by Noted Author
  •  A companion CD with high resolution “before and after”
      practice images, and
  •  A Certificate of Training suitable for delivery to an
      employer for continuous education credits.

This special course is limited to 10 participants.

Tuition for this highly regarded workshop is $495.00 per attendee.

For more detailed schedule and syllabus or to register contact:
or Call 512-743-7009
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